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As an alternative to or an addition to window drapes, window blinds are almost a most-widely used window covering. There are many types of window blinds and it’s important to choose the type of blinds based on the features that matter most in your room. For example is style the most important factor? Energy efficiency? Privacy? Light control?

Different blind types offer different features, and knowing about each of them can make the job of choosing the best option easier.

Main categories of blinds include:

Mini Blinds

These are a common, and often economical choice for window covering. Mini blinds feature narrow horizontal slats, usually made of vinyl or aluminum, and work very well in narrower windows, and are best suited in windows that don’t go wider than 19mm. They are usually controlled by a wand to open and close, and a cord on the opposite side to pull up and let down. These are available in many ready-made standard sizes.

Slat Blinds

These feature wider horizontal slats made of various materials, including wood and vinyl. Like mini blinds they can be controlled by a cord to open and close, and a second cord to pull up and down. They give the impression of size, and are popular with small windows/rooms. They also have a sleek, custom look that many people desire.

Vertical Blinds

These blind slats are wider and run vertically. They are usually made of textured vinyl or can be made of stiff fabric. They hang from a guide rail and can be turned to a 90 degree angle to open and close. This style of blinds is most popular with large, wide windows like patio doors. They’re durable, easy to clean, and offer good light control.

A similar style is the vertical blind alternative, which are seamless with no gaps between the slats. These offer even more light control than regular vertical blinds.


These blinds look like a row of diamond-shaped cells, resembling a honeycomb from the side, hence the name. Some are controlled by cords, and some are controlled by a bottom rail which allows you to pull down or push up. There are also motorized versions. They are often made of cloth, from semi-sheer to room darkening, and come in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Blinds that are made of fabrics are usually referred to as shades, and come in myriad styles, colors, and fabrics.
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