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Window Treatments & Shades in Indianapolis

Updating your home’s window coverings is one of the best ways to improve the aesthetic of your space. Windows play a vital role in our homes—whether they’re bringing in natural light, connecting us to the great outdoors, or keeping our homes insulated, they truly do a lot.

At Zinga’s, we’ve helped thousands of people and families across Indianapolis find the best window coverings for their homes at an affordable price. As the largest window covering company in Indiana, we’ve helped more than 10,000 satisfied customers find the best blinds, shutters, shades, and draperies for their home. If you’re interested in scheduling a free in-home estimate for your window treatments, contact our friendly staff today.

Insulated Cellular Shades

If you’re interested in investing in high-quality shades, you may want to consider cellular shades or quilted window blinds for your home. There are a variety of cellular shades on the market, and these are great window treatments when it comes to insulation, privacy, and glare control. The fabric of your shades can have a major impact on both the visual and thermal performance, and your window treatment specialist will be able to help you find the best fabric for your needs.

If thermal performance is your main focus, insulated cellular shades and quilted window blinds can provide you with all of the benefits of conventional shades, with even better thermal properties. These window treatments are perfect for people who live in cooler climates, as they provide insulation by effectively trapping air within their cores, as well as between the shades or blinds. There are shades on the market that offer a metallized polyester layer to help boost thermal insulation even more.

Insulated cellular shades are usually made of a pleated material. These window coverings are designed to fold up like an accordian, often at the top of the window, but sometimes on the bottom. This gives you optical control when it comes to regulating the sunlight in your home. Other insulated shades may have multiple air layers in a honeycomb cross-section to help keep cool air from entering your home.

To boost thermal performance even more, you can invest in side tracks for your insulated cellular shades. These are magnetic strips that you can assemble along the side of your window to keep cool air from seeping in your family room, bedroom, or office.

Quilted Window Blinds

As we mentioned above, quilted window blinds are another great window treatment for thermal efficiency. These blinds are normally face mounted on the window, and they usually roll up at the top of the window. When completely rolled, the blinds can be exposed or hidden by a valance, depending on your personal preference.

Main Benefits of Insulated Window Shades & Quilted Window Shades

  • Insulated window shades and quilted window blinds can provide a wonderful amount of privacy to your home.
  • These window treatments can reduce nighttime heat loss in your home during those cold winter months.
  • During warm summer months, these coverings can help minimize cold drafts that come in through your windows.
  • Can reduce the amount of daytime solar heat that comes through your windows.
  • Excellent sunlight control during the day.

At Zinga’s in Indianapolis, we carry a wonderful selection of insulated window shades and cellular shades. These shades are extremely versatile and they offer uncompromising style. If you have uniquely shaped windows or you’re looking for a way to reduce outside noise, these window treatments may be a great solution for you.

Roller Shades

Roller shades, also known as solar shades, are extremely popular across Indiana. These classic window coverings offer a timeless style to any home, and they are highly effective when it comes to blocking sun and providing privacy.

The Top Benefits of Roller Shades


While there are many reasons to invest in roller shades for your home, one of the biggest is the fact that these window treatments can be extremely budget-friendly. From room darkening roller shades to blackout vinyl shades, there are a variety of quality options from which to choose. As an economical alternative to curtains, roller shades are great for both modern and old-fashioned homes.

Simple To Clean

Another major perk of roller shades is the fact that they are simple and easy to clean. Unlike other types of window treatments that feature folds, louvres, or flats, roller shades have a unique design that is very easy to clean. These window coverings often consist of a headrail and one solid piece of fabric or synthetic material. The fabric will stretch to fit the length of the entire window when fully extended. To remove dust and debris from your home’s roller shades, a feather duster is all you need to get the job done.

Perfect For Lighting Control

Looking for shades that will help you control the light in your dining room, family room, or bedroom? Roller shades come in a variety of options, including room darkening shades and light filtering shades, so you can get the privacy and sun protection you need to live comfortably.

Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are another popular window treatment that can be found across Indiana. These shades can look stunning at a beach house, in a sunroom, and even in your guest room. They have a natural and earthy allure, and these window coverings are extremely eco-friendly, making them a great choice for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Most woven wood shades are made from 100 percent organic materials, and there are a variety of materials to choose from including reed, bamboo, and jute. Another plus is that these shades are completely recyclable, so if there ever comes a day where you want to change the look of your window coverings, you don’t have to worry about throwing your woven wood shades away.

Woven wood shades can also help to protect your home and belongings from harmful UV rays. Most of these window treatments are made to block out 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This is good news for your wood flooring, furniture, and wall art.

If you feel that woven wood shades are an excellent choice for your home, reach out to the window treatment specialists at Zinga’s in Indianapolis. We offer a wonderful variety of unique and intriguing wood shade patterns that will complement virtually any room in your home.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a simple and practical window treatment that can help to accent your home’s interior while also providing adequate levels of privacy and sun protection. More often than not, roman shades feature a large piece of fabric that is mounted on a window and pleated in a decorative design. When you raise the shades, the fabric will fold at different intervals, creating a clean and put-together appearance. These window coverings have a timeless and classic look, and they have been used for decades.

Looking to add sophistication to your office? Want to add character to your bathroom windows? Roman shades may be a great option for you. They give windows a soft and warm appearance, and there are a variety of fabric styles from which to choose.

Light Control

Roman shades are the perfect window treatment for your movie room or bedroom because they offer incredible light control. Depending on the opacity and thickness of the fabric you choose, you can have total control of the amount of sun that enters your home. There are sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, and opaque fabric options on the market, and they all offer their own unique light filtering properties.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that roman shades can actually help you save money on your energy bills? Due to their efficient light control, they can help you maintain your indoor temperatures. This can be incredibly helpful during those cold Indiana winters, when you want to keep your heating bills to a minimum.

At Zinga’s, we offer an impressive selection of roman wood shades. Whether you’re looking to add elegance or a touch of modern chic to your home, we can help you find the best window coverings for your needs and budget. We carry premium designer fabrics that are highly versatile, and we can help you create the perfect atmosphere in any room of your home. If you’re interested in learning more about our roman shades, schedule a free in-home design consultation today!

Solar Shades

If blocking out sunlight is your main concern, you may want to consider investing in solar shades for your home. These window coverings are made of special materials that block out sunlight and ultraviolet rays. There are many benefits to these window coverings, including:

They Keep Out The Summer Heat

Solar shades can help keep the summer heat out of your Indiana home, providing you with a comfortable indoor temperature during the warmer months.

Dark-colored solar shades are great when it comes to glare control. These shades can help to reduce the visible light that comes in through the fabric, not to mention they can absorb some of the heat radiating by the window. If reflecting heat is your number one concern, opt for light-colored solar shades. These are perfect for common areas where a light and bright ambiance is desired.

If you live near Indianapolis and you’re interested in installing high-quality solar shades in your home, be sure to contact the window treatment professionals at Zinga’s. We have an extensive selection of stylish sheens and sheer fabrics, with a variety of textures to choose from.


Motorized Window Shades

Tired of pulling on cords to raise and lower your window shades? If so, you’ll love the benefits that motorized window shades have to offer. With these window coverings, all you have to do is press a button on a remote control to lift or lower your shades with ease. This can beespecially helpful in hard-to-reach areas of your home. Some other major perks of motorized window shades include:

They Are Very Convenient

As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, homeowners across Indiana are discovering the amazing benefits of motorized window shades in their home. These window treatments allow you to automate the repetitive task of opening and closing your shades, so you don’t have to go far to close your shades at night or open them in the morning.

Safe For Kids

Did you know that window cords can be very dangerous for young children and even pets? A study that was published in the Journal of Pediatrics highlights this major issues by saying:

“We looked at 26 years of data from 1990 through 2015 for this study, and found that almost 17,000 children under six years of age were treated in hospital emergency departments in the US for window blind-related injuries, averaging almost two per day. While the majority of children were treated and released, there was about one child death each month—most from strangulation when a child became entangled by the neck in a window blind cord.”

Keep Your Home Secure

When you leave town for a family vacation or business trip, do you ask your neighbors to pick up your morning paper or the mail? If you do, you probably see this as an important step to keeping your home safe while you’re out of town. By investing in motorized window blinds, you can increase the appearance of someone being inside of your home, when they are not. You can automate your shades to open and close at certain times of the day, keeping intruders and burglars at bay while you enjoy a weekend sipping fancy cocktails on the beach.

Zinga’s: High-Quality Window Coverings in Indiana

Whether you’re looking for new blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies, Zinga’s in Indianapolis has just what you need to spruce up your home’s windows. We’ve been in the window treatment business for more than 19 years, and as the largest window covering company in the state of Indiana, we’ve helped over 10,000 satisfied customers. We schedule appoints in your home, on your time, without any pressure to make a purchase on the spot. We can also order your new window coverings based on your exact window dimensions to ensure the perfect fit. Interested in learning more? Schedule your free in-home estimate today!