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What does a water softener do?

Most municipal water in Central Indiana is hard.

Local tap water usually contains higher-than-normal levels of calcium and magnesium(hardness) that can cause problems around the house.

We’ve partnered with a local company to bring our customer’s the highest quality water softener and reverse osmosis system in Indianapolis. Featuring a 7 year Warranty on parts and Lifetime Warranty on the resin, it leads the industry in quality.

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Our Water Softeners

In developing the water softeners we took all the advanced features from our break-through design and added bonus features our customers wanted. The result is a more efficient, user-friendly system that practically maintains itself!

Serviceable vs. Disposable –
This could be the last System you’ll ever have to buy!

Many water conditioning systems on the market today are designed to be disposable, because they just weren’t made to be serviced. The water softener with easy and affordable maintenance solutions, was designed to be a lasting appliance. Although it may be years before the first service is required, this system offers you the ultimate in long-term care.

All components of our water softeners are easily separated and exchangeable with the factory. You have the option of exchanging the component yourself, or having one of our experienced technicians provide in-home service. With either choice, the exchangeable component program ensures precise results and low cost.

Smart Design Engineering

Our water softener continues to improve on past designs. Ultra low power consumption, maximized salt efficiency and an energy saving auto display turn off are all a part of this innovative system. Our water softener is also a Smart Appliance. Advanced electronics provide extensive information about water usage, identify plumbing leaks and other uses that waste water and provide historical information logs on water-usage patterns. Other original features include:

Reverse Osmosis Systems

We offer a full lineup of reverse osmosis systems. Below is the standard model but we also offer higher end systems including whole home reverse osmosis systems.

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Standard System

Our Standard reverse osmosis unit is a reliable and affordable system for good clean drinking water. With a 2 gallon storage tank, it is a perfect fit for smaller households.


  • Patented Design: Exclusive manifold plate with patented channel design reduces tubing connections and simplifies installation.
  • Compact System: Space-saving design is ideal for under-sink installations and uses minimal space.
  • High Capacity Tank: Holds approximately 2 gallons of water without taking up much space.
  • Automatic Shut-Off: Signals the system to stop making water until more is needed.
  • Production: 50 gallons per day
  • Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty