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Home Theater, Audio, Connected Home

Zinga’s Home Solutions can take the ease off of your big move or purchase with our home theater setup services. We can mount your TV, setup your audio and video products, and even setup your wireless internet. We can also protect and repair your complete home theater experience. Our installers are highly experienced audio visual professionals, so the job is done right the first time through. If you’re looking to make the most of your home theater and you want it done right, call the professionals at Zinga’s Home Solutions.


• Mount TV’s
• Setup surround sound
• Wi-Fi setup
• Whole home audio systems
• Create home theater, layout, design, implement on • Wireless speaker systems

TV Mounting

Have you seen the prices Best Buy and HH Gregg are trying to charge? $599 & up just to hang a T.V.! Our prices, including hiding the wiring, start at $240 to get the job done. You’ll find our prices are much less than the big box stores yet our team has over 15 years experience doing this. Try to find that at a big box store.

Let us get the job done for you, at a fraction of the cost you’re finding elsewhere.

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