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We bring the showroom to you, measure, and install... all at prices better than big box stores.

$500 Off $2,000 or more
40% OFF Custom Window Treatments PLUS 50% OFF Motorization Upgrade
Limited Time – Book Appointment by 9/30 Minimum Purchase of $2500
Discounts vary based on products and total amount of sale
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A Reputation You Can Trust

Zinga’s Custom Window Coverings

No Driving
We Come To You!
View the map to see our current service areas and how Zinga’s makes the process easy with our 3-step process below!
Step 1: 
We bring sample products & fabrics directly to your home so you can see and feel the products in your home.
Step 2: 
Precise Measuring & No Pressure Quote
We take precise measurements of all your windows and provide you a no pressure quote at the time of your consultation.
Step 3: 
Hassle Free installation
Installation completed by Zinga's employee who are experts in their craft. Free yourself of the stress of installing.

We Work With Home Builders

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30% OFF


and 0% interest for 12 Months!
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40% OFF Custom Window Treatments PLUS 50% OFF Motorization Upgrade
Limited Time – Book Appointment by 9/30
Discounts vary based on products and total amount of sale
See Offer Details

Better Prices than

and We Come to You!

Giving Back Is a Big Part of Zinga’s Culture

Million Meal Movement
Our Zinga’s Cares initiative drives us to give back throughout the year whenever we can make a difference in the community we serve.

For over 20 years, Indianapolis homeowners have welcomed us into their homes, and we owe it to our homeowners to give back to our community.

Earn Cash By Recommending Zinga's

For every homeowner you refer who receives a quote from Zinga’s, we will reward you $50 – every time!

Referrals Are Unlimited!

We send you an Amazon gift card for $50 for every person you refer who received a quote.

Who Is Zinga’s?

Zinga’s has been in business for over 20 years and has grown 25% year over year! How did we do that? Simple, we’ve put our customer first. We genuinely love our customers and giving them great service. We want to wow our customers and when you wow your customers they give great referrals. Over 1/3 of new business comes from word of mouth referrals. 


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